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Q: Is there an updated link to the downloadable Item 21 sheet? The link in the RFP is expired.
A: The links in the RFP should work, but you can also visit: Note: the documents are under the worksheet templates section towards the bottom of the page.

Q: Please post the Job Walk Meeting Notes
A: please visit

Q: Are there any special public works contractor rules and regulations?
A: yes, see

Q: • How many Analog Lines (POTS) are required at each of the 3 Sites? • 1. Wascco Union High School District Office 2100 7th St Wasco, CA 93280 2. Wasco Union High School 1900 7th St Wasco, Ca 93280 3. Independence High School 1445 Poso Dr Wasco, Ca 93280
A: please see the upto requirements and quote accordingly. If preferred, quote the price of one line per location for evaluation purposes.

Q: • Does bidder need to respond to all portions of the bid to be responsive or can they respond to certain services • How many locations • Can we obtain 3 months of the telecom bills for trunking • Does WASCO have an on-site PBX for each location • Will WASCO entertain a Hosted Voice Solution issued under a separate RFP • Will WASCOM entertain a “managed” WIFI infrastructure or will are they planning to manage it themselves after installation • What is the student count at each school • What Centrex functionality does WASCO use; 4 digit dialing, call transfer, conferencing, hunt groups, etc.
A: Bidders may propose whichever services they choose, providing responses to all services is not required. If you do not plan to bid a particular item, please state so within your response. Locations are listed within the RFP and 470, however monthly invoices shall not be provided. WUHSD is currently under contract with a hosted VoIP provider and does not have any interest in managed WIFI. Standard pricing and dialing features are expected, or may be listed as optional.

Q: How do I get a copy of RFP? Your links bring me to a home page with no RFP. Thank You
A: All links appear to be working fine. The RFP is at

Q: How do I access this RFP? Your links just bring me to home page? thank you!
A: All links appear to be working fine. The RFP is at

Q: Hi there, I just wanted to confirm that a rip and replace of your current wireless structure, plus expansion was occurring. I also wanted to check if there would be an optional or mandatory on site for the locations. Thank you.
A: The project is intended to supplement the existing coverage. There maybe some replacement as well as additional deployments. Please see the RFP for the Mandatory Job Walk information.