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A: Request made to Sprint: Can you have someone respond to this request for cellular service for Turning Point Consortium (868590001148457): Existing Wireless Service (Cellular/Mobile Service) for up to 65 lines, with voice and data. Service that allows a user to simultaneously talk on the phone and work on the Internet with the same device or a different device is preferred.

Q: On page one of your RFP, it states that responses are due on Dec 23, 2013, however, on the last page it states that the response is due Dec 18, 2013. We are assuming that Dec 23rd is the correct date. Is this accuarte?
A: Responses are due December 23, 2013.

Q: On the 65 mobile devices what OS are you looking for? On each device how much data, minutes and text is required?
A: For evaluation please make sure to include all options, including plans that have 1000 minutes per device, unlimited text and 5GB of data.

Q: Are we able to bid for the cellular mobile portion of the 470 and if so how would you like us to respond to the remaining sections?
A: Please bid on the portions of the request that are appropriate and label accordingly, if necessary. If you choose not to bid on a portion of the bid you may simply state so, or we shall use our judgement to determine which sections are bid, or not bid.

Q: Please add me to the Q/A distribution list. Thank you.
A: Certainly. Consider this request completed.

Q: Registering to view questions.
A: Certainly. Consider this request completed.

Q: In the RFP you make mention to managed services offerings. Will you accept designs that offer Layer 2 transport services and proactive monitoring, but Turning Point will be responsible for the administration of the service?
A: Yes. All options will be considered and evaluated accordingly.

Q: Can I get a copy of the RFP in Word?
A: We are trying to establish the best method to make the file available. Please note: