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Q: May bids be delivered to the physical location of 200 West Naugle Ave, Patagonia, AZ 85624?
A: Yes.

Q: I received the serial numbers to the existing equipment on Monday, January 13th. I would like to ask if your team would consider offering an extension of the January 17th due date.
A: The due date shall not be extended. Please price services accordingly, or to the best of your ability. All service providers have been given the same information. If clarification is needed, it shall be sought.

Q: Under the section Priority 2 Internal Connections – Basic Maintenance it states the following: “Bidder’s Basic Maintenance Agreement must contain the Location, Product, and Make / Model number of the equipment to be covered by the proposed Basic Maintenance Contract (note the table below). This table (or a similar table with like data) must be included in with the Bidder’s Basic Maintenance Agreement: The above worksheet is available for downloaded – please visit:” When we click on this link, we are directed to ADS’ home page. There are sample forms of how to present this information within our bid, however we cannot find the actual list. Page 19 references “Existing Cisco 3850 SmartNet or similar type product” but once again, does not offer serial numbers (needed to bid maintenance renewal) or a location of where the equipment has been installed. Where can one find the list of existing equipment showing the make/model, location of product, and type of service requested?
A: there is only one type of existing basic maintenance equipment being sought. Make/Model: Cisco 3850. There are two devices and the serial numbers are: FOC1734X00X and FOC1729V0NW.

Q: Regarding the General Data Protection Requirements – General Data Protection Requirements • Up to 9 Uninterruptible Power Supplies for edge switches, minimum 1.5kVA, higher kVA models shall be considered as necessary. – Are these just battery back ups for the edge switches or are we looking for true UPS? • Provide at least 30 minutes of uptime in case of a power failure. • Prefer option to rack mount the UPS.
A: Please provide options. Per PSD, a 7 to 10 minute uptime be satisfactory.

Q: What equipment is the primary UPS supporting, and what power connections/voltage is available?
A: To which primary UPS are you referring? For the new UPS devices, please provide units that operate with 110 volts.

Q: You've asked for 2960’s for the edge switches, but under the general switch requirements you ask for “IP services such as OSPF, EIGRP, QoS should be supported”. Unfortunately this means we cannot do 2960’s as they do not support Layer3. So the question is do you need Layer3 at the edge switching, or do you need the ability to upgrade the edge devices to Layer3, or will the 2960’s be sufficient?
A: A device similar to the 2960 is preferred, please provide options. PSD may require layer 3 services to support a third party VoIP solution. Please provide options, for instance, one solution that supports layer 3 services, and one that does not. Perhaps the option is an upgrade that can be performed on a base model device. Maybe not. New devices must seamlessly integrate into the existing environment from both an operations and management perspective.

Q: PSD has been asked to provide a list of the Q/A from the onsite meeting.
A: Note the Q/A at: Note the attached network information at: Note the attached network drop location information at:

Q: I have been asked to discuss Contingency Fees...
A: Per the Eligible Services List, A contingency fee is a specific dollar allowance for possible unforeseeable elements that may occur within the scope of a project. A reasonable contingency fee is eligible only if it is a regular business practice of the service provider. This fee will be reimbursed only if the work is performed. If additional questions remain, please post them accordingly.

Q: What is the current controller model in place for the 8 APs? Is PSD willing to manage a seperate network for the 60 new APs requested or is it preffered that the new APs are also HP?
A: PSD does not have a controller in place for the current Wireless Access Point. They are individually managed. It is preferred that the new Wireless Access Points be similar to the ones installed, as PSD has already made an investment in these devices and understands how to operate them. The award will be made according to the matrix provided. New devices must seamlessly integrate into the existing environment from both an operations and management perspective.

Q: Is there somewhere the existing equipment serial numbers, makes, and models are provided? And if not, can service providers be provided with a list?
A: Is there specific equipment information, in addition to the information listed in the RFP, required? If so, which equipment make and model information do you require? If the serial number is not listed in the RFP, please label as unknown at time of bid response. If serial numbers are required to price service, please let us know the equipment for which serial numbers are sought. Please let me know if you still have questions.

Q: What cable is currently installed and who is the manufacturer for that cable? Will there be a separate site plan provided with noted MDF/IDF locations?
A: I am unsure how to answer your question as I am unsure as what you mean by cable. Can you ask it at the December 17th meeting?

Q: We will be attending the walkthrough on 12/17. Is there any additional information for this W/T at this time?
A: Just the information posted on for Questions/Answers.

Q: On the RFP on page 17 it states that there is a worksheet that is available for download. I could only find a sample of the Inventory sheet. Is there hardware already that they are asking for maintenance on or are to fill the sheet out with the new equipment that is being bidding on?
A: Please note the link on page 17, click on it, then navigate your browser to display the sample forms on that website (towards the bottom). I believe you are looking for the document titled "inventory". Please note page 19 for existing hardware for which maintenance is sought. Maintenance is sought on all new equipment and the existing piece of equipment listed on page 19.

Q: What is the current funding level of PSD since this is the first year as filing under the consortium?
A: Historically, PSD has typically filed for 90% discounts.

Q: Since Patagonia is filing under the consortium this year, what is the E-Rate funding level? Thank you.
A: The discount level is anticipated to be at 90%.

Q: Is it mandatory for Priority 1 provider to be present at the walk through?
A: The job walk is not mandatory for Service Providers that offer Priority 1 Services. The job walk is required for those that plan to offer Priority 2 Services.

Q: Hello! Thank you for offering an avenue for submitting questions. Is the job walk mandatory for remotely managed and installed services such as those providers offering remotely hosted Web hosting and email services?
A: The job walk is not mandatory for Service Providers that offer Priority 1 Services. The job walk is required for those that plan to offer Priority 2 Services.

Q: Will you make the RFP available in a word document to make it easier for us to fill out while maintaining the existing format?
A: We are trying to establish the best method to make the file available. Update on 12/4/2013: Please note,