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Q: Please confirm bid package needs to be delivered to school site by 2pm on 3/17/15. Email will not be accepted. Thank you Bonnie
A: Yes, per the Invitation to Bid, a hard copy of the response was to be delivered to the school.

Q: I see in the RFP that there is information about a maintenance contract but I do not see a request to include it in the proposal. Is this something that you would like to have included?
A: Maintenance is not being sought as a billable event, however I believe first year support is generally included with the purchase of certain equipment. If there is a maintenance component, please explain the details.

Q: 33154 North Toltec Road, Eloy, AZ 85231 is showing as an invalid mailing address that is not recognized by Federal Express. Please confirm the address that the sealed bids should be sent to.
A: The address should be: 3315 North Toltec Road, Eloy, AZ 85131

Q: For the bid break out, does the school district want the quote broken out by school campus? Which campus (es) is this primarily for?
A: Currently there isn't a breakout of equipment per school, just summary data. This information may become available. If unable to post the details, please make sure your proposal lists quantity pricing. It would also be helpful to submit information in excel, so we do not have try and convert PDF files if we need to update Item 21 details. If excel files are not provided, we may need to ask the winning vendor to modify item 21 attachements.

Q: Is there a voluntary site walk scheduled?If yes, when?
A: Site walks are not being scheduled.

Q: Will cable be needed for the new access points? If yes, what is the cable in place and what cable currently exists? If yes, how many cable runs that exist will be re-used?
A: Cabling is not requested on this 470 / Invitation to Bid.

Q: Can you please advise under priority one if keeping existing bandwidth service or what new bandwidth looking to obtain?
A: Most Category One Services are under contract and existing contracts shall be used. If an existing service is not listed within this Invitation to Bid, TUSD believes that service to be under contract. Unfortunately, not all services have eligible establishing 470s. As result, this Invitation to bid addresses that concern as well as other projects.

Q: How many hard copies do you require?
A: One is sufficient.

Q: Does the District have Building maps that we can look at to better assess the needs of the schools?
A: At this time the District does not plan to provide maps of the schools. Please bid the project according to the information provided.