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Q: What contract for each school get signed under Woodbourne Consortium or under each entity name?
A: Please create contracts under the name of Woodbourne Center.

Q: Clarification on type of service requested. Internet access of 50 and 100mpbs to 1301 Woodbourne. Internet access of 50 and 100mpbs to 1301 Woodburne and 1220 B East Joppa Road. Interest in a point to point service for second option?
A: Please provide pricing for Internet Access.

Q: The bid form on pg 18 does not list priority 1 as a category. Please confirm if this is the form to be used to quote priority 1 services. If not, what is the proper form.
A: That form may be used, or if easier, please provide the same type information in your format.

Q: Are any of the requested services (Internet, data, PRI, analog voice) currently under contract through the end of the 2014-2015 fiscal year i.e.6/30/15? If yes, which services?
A: Internet and Cellular are not under contract for 2014-2015.