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Q: Does ICEF need wireless access points and controllers?
A: Original plans indicated that ICEF may deploy the use of Service Provider "Hotspots" for Internet Access. Please provide a design that enables the best use of available technologies in the most cost effective manner to transport information to the classroom - from a data distribution, cabling and/or wireless perspective. If prudent, please provide a quote for wireless access points (at least one per classroom, one per administrative area and 2 two per computer lab or as reasonably required). Please include controllers as well. Proposed equipment shall be consistent with the other equipment options being offered and must integrate accordingly. Industry standard devices are required. Wireless Access Points that are 802.11a/n compatible are preferred.

Q: I would like to see questions asked and answered so far.
A: All Q/A activity is posted on the website when answered and an email will be sent distributing the Q/A to those that registered.