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Q: For the VoIP services, are you seeking pricing for 800 DID's delivered over a PRI or SIP? If this is SIP, is it delivered over the academy's existing internet connection?
A: Clarifications shall be made during the applicants review process.

Q: Please let us know the data that is needed from us.
A: The best solution would be a new bid and new contracts for the same services. If you have to use the old bids and contracts then we need an addendum stating that you are bidding with the terms and conditions of the existing contract. The addendum must be signed and dated by both parties, just like the contract. It is much cleaner and easier to submit a new bid and new contracts. In theory, the addendum should work, but there are no guarantees.

Q: Unable to open RFP DOC
A: You should be able to click on the Westside Christian Academy link under the School/District/Library/Consortium RFP Column on page