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Q: Do you have a breakdown or preference for the 100 cellular devices to be only basic devices and or include a smartphone breakdwon.
A: Please provide options. At minimum, one without the use of Smartphones, and one with the use of at least 30 Smartphones (the rest basic devices).

Q: Could you please send me Zuni RFP. I clicked on shortcut and I am not getting anything. Thanks
A: The link appears to be working, please click the school name again and if the problem continues report the exact error message. Or cut and past the following: into your browser.

Q: How many students and faculty do you have? What is the prefered interface for your internet connection? What is the main address for the internet connection? Also what is the Core router make and manufacturer?
A: We have 265 staff members and 1275 students, all have computer access - The current service is delivered via fiber to the school at 17 Mid School Drive, Zuni, New Mexico 87327 and has an Ethernet "handoff/interface".