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Q: The bid response instructions include an email address and a hard copy address. Are bids required via mail (hard copy) and an email copy, or is only one method required? Please confirm. Thank you
A: E-mail to is perfectly acceptable method of response.

Q: Cogent Communications will respond
A: thank-you for your interest.

Q: Hi Team, 1 - Are the 600 lines for teachesr Cellular Phones or Tablets? If they are Cellular Phones, how many anytime minutes will they need total? What will the data requirement be on the phones? 2 - The 1000 unis for students, will these be tablets or lap tops? If they are tablets or lap tops, they will not need a text messaging feature, correct? Thank you!
A: Please provide options. The service for up to 600 lines is for staff and are mostly phones. Please provide options on minutes up to 1K per device. The service for students (up to 1000) is currently deployed on several platforms, primarily tablets, and you are correct, tablets and laptop devices do not need text messaging.

Q: Logicalis will be responding.
A: thank-you for your interest.

Q: Please confirm that you want 65 licenses now with the ability to grow to 500 down the road? (and not 500 quoted now). Thank you.
A: Initial purchase may be as few as 65, and the system should be able to support up to 500. Please include pricing options that will allow for graduated growth. It is possible that all 500 licenses will be purchased outright. Please provide options for immediate growth.

Q: In View Park K-8 school description are the “Access Layer” and the “Distribution layer” descriptions/titles transposed? Please confirm they are accurate or where stated Access Layer should read Distribution Layer and vice versa. Also, do the Layer 2 switches have to support EIGRP and OSPF right now or be upgradable to it or not at all?
A: Please provide options as the RFP requests. You may include options as you see appropriate. We can not change requirements as that may trigger a violation of the 28 day posting requirement. If a proposed solution does not meet the request, simply state that in your response. For instance, the proposed device is not configured to support OSPF upon purchase, or at all. ICEF seeks a solution that is compatible with the existing network infrastructure - it may help to review the existing equipment to better understand the current environment.

Q: Please provide address and phone # at that address for all location for digital or internet connectivity
A: Page 10 has a list of all the address locations. The 470 also lists each BEN in block 4 (note: addresses may change, please use the information that is available). The NPA/NXX for all sites is 323.290.

Q: AT&T will respond
A: Thank-you.

Q: What is the existing phone system in place?
A: ICEF is familiar with Cisco Phone Systems and are currently using Jive's service.

Q: Will you accept bids on the Internet Access portion without any of the ancillary products (webhosting, email, etc.)? For the sites listed on the RFP, what is the associated bandwidth range per location?
A: Yes. Please provide options and refer to the RFP for specifics. Note: Internet Access: Up to 6 Circuits with minimum of 1.544Mbps and up to 1Gbps of Internet (copper/Ethernet/Fiber or similar technology) with optional Firewall Service and optional Managed Service (a 1.544Mbps, 10Mbps, 100Mbps and 1Gbps solution should be included) - these are for Prop 39 locations – exact address may not be known, price accordingly. Internet Access: Up to 20 Circuits with a minimum of 2Mbps symmetrical service and up to 1Gbps of Internet (copper/Ethernet/Fiber or similar technology) with optional Firewall Service and optional Managed Service (a 100Mbps and 1Gbps solution to all locations should be included). Internet Access: Up to 2, minimum of 300Mbps and up to 10Gbps service lines of Internet, optional Managed Service and optional Firewall Protection (include pricing for 300Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps of Internet).