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Q: Is this still available for bidding?
A: I believe the opportunity for Priority One services may be extended due to a lack of qualified responses, but the decisions are not finalized. Once they are, information will be made availalble or another 470 shall be posted. In either case, I'll post a note once the decisions are made.

Q: Could you please provide the bandwidth that is currently at this site(s)? Thank you.
A: A T1 solution is currently being used. Additional bandwidth is needed.

Q: Unless somehow I am missing it in the RFP, there was no date for a walk through. And if there is no provision for individual walk throughs we are all working with some unknowns. Did I miss a walk through date in the RFP?
A: Correct, there is no Walk Through. Please do your best and provide options as necessary.

Q: Could we please schedule a walk through for Thursday morning (12/12/)? There would be 3 of us from DNDC.
A: Unfortunately we cannot allow individual walk throughs, as we need to keep the process fair and competitive for all bidders.

Q: What are the other models of phones, besides the 7965's? We need to know the exact models, please.
A: There are 12 - 7945, 9 - 7925, and 1 - 7936.

Q: What model of Cisco phones do they currently use?
A: There are various models deployed, 65 of them are model 7965.

Q: What Cisco endpoints are currently in use?
A: 26 Ubiquity Unifi Access Points are deployed.

Q: Can you please add us to the Q/A notifications on the Data Distribution RFP?
A: Certainly. Consider this request completed.

Q: I did not find an equipment list in the RFP or a reference to one for Priority 2 requests ( Could you provide me with the list or reference? Thank you.
A: A list of equipment (make and model) was not published, but general specifications were contained within the document. Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections should be provided for the equipment proposed.