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Q: When will the new deadline be for Category 1 and 2 responses?
A: There is not really a new deadline...per say, more of an exception. We are simply allowing for the receipt of responses that were sent with the intent of being delivered on time but were not due to uncontrollable circumstances. Documented proof of intent is required.

Q: Our proposal's delivery was delayed by weather as well. Can it be accepted?
A: The ITB Deadline shall be extended for Category Two responses. All other responses, except mobility/wireless are due at per ITB Requirements.

Q: Due to bad weather, our carrier has experienced delays in shipping. Will you consider our offer even though it will not be delivered on time?
A: The ITB Deadline shall be extended for Category One Wireless/Mobility responses. All other responses are due at per ITB Requirements.

Q: Is it acceptable to submit a bid for the cabling, terminations and installation of AP's only in Category 2? This would omit the AP devices themselves along with the network switches. We are not a cisco reseller and the district would receive a better price from a network equipment distributor. We would provide the network infrastructure.
A: Yes, you may want submit two versions or an option... One bid with respect to the cable plant and then one with respect to the cable plant and AP installation. Or have optional AP installation on your cable plant bid. Please make your pricing as obvious as possible and organize the information by site.

Q: Please confirm that this RFP is not asking for new or upgraded WAN links between district locations.
A: The RFP is not asking for new WAN or upgraded WAN links. Please refer to Form 470: 393530001330964 for a request to add a WAN Link. Or visit:

Q: Do you wish the proposal broken down by site? If so, please provide the quantity of UPS and replacement batteries by site.
A: I don't have that information at the moment. Please make sure that the cost per unit is clear so that the appropriate math can be completed during evaluations and subsequent Item 21 creation. It would help that after the bid date passes to send information in accordance with the RFP in a MS format, versus Adobe (like excel).

Q: What is your HUB location where the other locations will get connected to Internet?
A: The hub location is the High School.

Q: If you are asking for internet at each location would there a a content filter? Does each school need a content filter in this scenario.
A: The WAN will provide Internet to the various locations within the district.

Q: Is Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District asking for 100Mb to 1Gb direct internet access delivered to EACH school. In other words, if you are then are you asking a vendor to supply a total of 1.2Gb to 12 Gb to SCVUSD of direct internet access.
A: Per the ITB, the quantity is 1, all sites will use the one connection. Please quote the cost of upgrading the existing Internet Connection to the District. Please provide tiered pricing.

Q: What type of cable is required for the AP's? Cat5E? Cat6, Cat6E, Cat6A?
A: Cat6 should be fine.

Q: Is the district requiring any optical fiber linking the IDFs / MDF's?
A: No, not at this time.

Q: Does the district have a preferred manufacturer for cabling, connectors and related components?
A: The applicant does not have a preference on the manufacturer of cabling and connectors.

Q: Please confirm that the proposal cannot be submitted electronically only. Also, I don't see where it's specified the number of hard copies that you would like.
A: At least one hard copy must be submitted. In addition, please deliver offers to the email address after the 2PM deadline on 03/06/2015 and before 6PM CST the following day.