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Q: When and where will be the bid-opening take place? Will it be at 2PM on January 15th when the RFPs are due?
A: The applicant plans to open the bid documents today, but that may change. As bids are reviewed, questions shall be noted and asked accordingly. The applicant shall be in touch with service providers as required.

Q: Can responses be emailed as well to ensure delivery by Wednesday deadline? Went out in mail today.
A: Yes. Please send an electronic copy as well, preferably one that the applicant may perform searches within. This makes it easier for the applicant to evaluate offerings. Responses will not be viewed until after the response deadline.

Q: On the cabling bids can we base our price per run @ 100 feet and then give a price per foot over the 100 foot base cost per run? Some of the locations will need some conduit stub up and some will need wiremold for the complete cable run. Can we give a cost for the cable stub up with a surface mount box up to 10 feet? Can we give a cost per foot for the wiremold runs based on size of the wiremold?
A: Yes, providing options on cable plant is fine. Please be as specific as possible. To elaborate: Please provide pricing to complete the work requested. GCO needs to have a cost to to compare and evaluate. Please remember pricing is the highest weighted factor in the bid evaluation matrix. Please do your best and ask questions to clarify as needed. It is OK to submit a response to address the request and include per foot pricing. A contingency fee may also be included if it is normal for your company to include contingency fees. Per the Eligible Services List, A contingency fee is a specific dollar allowance for possible unforeseeable elements that may occur within the scope of a project. A reasonable contingency fee is eligible only if it is a regular business practice of the service provider. This fee will be reimbursed only if the work is performed. If additional questions remain, please post them accordingly.

Q: There are several locations on the floor plans for Security Cameras. Are you asking for bids on Security Camera's or just a cable drop for each location?
A: Security Cameras are not covered by E-rate and are not part of this request. Security Cameras may be sought at a future date.

Q: 1) Is it ok to use 2-3 separate spin numbers for different parts of the responses? Our manufacturer has a spin number and would use it for anything responding on the phone system piece. We also have a spin number and would use it for anything we would respond to non-phone system related ie; wiring, cameras. Then the service provider would also have their own spin number. So possibly 3 spread across all of the projects. 2) Does a form 470 need to be filled out for each piece? Cabling is several different locations, so do I fill out a 470 for each location? And a separate 470 for the cameras? Per location. 3) What's the typical turn around for answers to questions posted on the website? Thanks.
A: Yes, it is OK to use different SPIN Numbers. You are not required to complete a form 470. Please prepare your response in a manner that is consistent with corporate responses and easy to follow. If clarification questions are required, they will be asked. We try to answer questions as quickly as possible.

Q: Wiring: At the Webster Groves location, will the new construction areas have conduit stubbed up for the wiring drops? Conduit above the ceiling and boxes in the walls? This would prevent the need for wiremold in these areas.
A: Wiring in the new construction areas must include conduit, boxes in wall, and any other material necessary to provide signal at the termination points. This installation must be in compliance with local standards and law. Please let me know if additional information is required.

Q: Please add me to the list so that I can be updated as questions are answered. Thanks.
A: Completed.

Q: What does the “St. Louis Center” refer to? Is the St. Louis Center actually Westminster?
A: Yes, and you can submit a bid for it but it will not be a part that will be billed through USAC. Note: This question was asked and answered by Dan, the E-rate consultant.

Q: Under general server, switch, and data distribution, you have VMware ESXi v5.1 listed. But on the equipment required for each location, it is not listed. Are these new VMware host serves and therefore need ESXi on each new server at each location?
A: The plan is to reuse existing licenses.

Q: Under "geenral server, server storage, and data distribution access requirements" you list the servers to have 10GbE connectivity, but then no requirements for the SAN and 10/100/1000 for the stackable switches. Do you want 10GbE connectivity for the backbone, then 1Gb on the servers and storage for the SAN and SAN switches?
A: Per the RFP, up to 10GE connectivity is requested, and yes, the solution described within the question is an acceptable configuration.

Q: how many total minutes of long distance is used on a monthly average? Could you give a breakdown of interstate and intrastate?
A: Edgewood in St Louis – Average for 2 months 8219, No breakdown for Intra/Inter Springfield – Average for 2 months 14958, No breakdown for Intra/Inter St. James - Intrastate – 10177.35, Interstate – 1362.85 Columbia - Intrastate – 4354.6, Interstate – 536.65

Q: On page 12 the RFP lists - Distance Learning/Video Conferencing with up to 1 Gbps of Bandwidth to each location. Can you provide service address for each location requiring 1Gbps of bandwidth?
A: This is for potential growth, the address is to be determined. Please provide options to include all pricing. If necessary, estimate accordingly. One option is to have an MSA that allows for services to be added based on need. It is important for services to be coterminous as GCO plans to use this 470 as the establishing 470.

Q: In Page 12, RFP asks for 4 growth WAN Circuits with option for MPLS or similar (T1/DS3/Ethernet/Fiber or similar), ENs: 160663177, with Managed Service options and required CPE to provide an Ethernet connection / hand off. Please provide tiered pricing to increase service up to 50Mbps. What is the service addresses?
A: The address is to be determined. Please provide options to include all pricing. If necessary, estimate accordingly.

Q: The RFP lists up to 10 Dedicated LD T1s or PRI. What service address would these circuits be delivered?
A: T1/PRI circuits may be installed at locations that have a WAN connection.

Q: Question regarding.... MANDATORY JOB WALK: A job walk is required on this project, attendance at the entire job walk is mandatory and failure to attend the entire job walk shall result in your bid being rejected for non-compliance. Date: December 10, 2013 Time: 1PM, CST Location: The Rock House at 330 North Gore Avenue, St Louis MO 63119 Additional Instructions: This meeting is mandatory for Service Providers that plan to submit a bid for Wide Area Networking and Priority 2 Solutions. Service Providers that submit a WAN or Priority 2 Proposal and do not attend the meeting shall be disqualified. <
A: If you plan propose Wide Area Networking Services, per the Eligible Services List, or any priority 2 Solution, you must attend the meeting as additional information may be made available, especially in the form of questions and answers. The point of the meeting is to make sure that all vendors have the same information, just like using the website for questions and answers.

Q: are you looking at Hosted PBX or will you consider Hosted PBX as a solution? Or looking only at premise based phone systems?
A: All options are being considered but the organization has traditionally preferred to own and operate the phone system. The most cost effective solution(s), per the grading criteria, shall be selected. Please provide options. If applicable, total cost of ownership and operations may be included within responses.

Q: please add me to the list so I am updated as questions are answered.
A: Certainly. Consider this request completed.

Q: The request to be added to the list to receive Q&A does not seem to work, is that correct?
A: I am not sure what you mean. By submitting your request you have been added to the list to view/receive Q/A information.

Q: What model endpoints are currently in use?
A: Please note page 22 of 28 for a list of existing wireless equipment.

Q: Could I please be added to the question & answer distribution list?
A: Certainly. Consider this request completed.

Q: Test to validate Q/A functionality.
A: Q/A is working, as is the ability to reference documents in the answer, note the link to the RFP: