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Q: Will you be posting the sign in sheet from the job walk?
A: Probably not.

Q: 1. How many AP's do you want Prime to cover? It asks for 200 but you state up to 150 AP's requested for purchase. 2. How many AP's do you want quoted. It states up to 150 but based on the Maps to cover all rooms would be 120.
A: Best to provide options to support up to the largest number requested. For instance, 120 WAPs are recurrently identified for deployment, per the maps, however, additional devices may be required as additional requirements may be place on the network. The District may decide to purchase only 120. If there is different pricing, based on volume, please provide all options.

Q: Please verify whether there is a mandatory walk through scheduled for the basic maintenance or internal connection projects for Year 2014. I did not see one listed in the RFP. I appreciate your time.
A: AS indicated on the RFP, there is no job walk.

Q: I would like to get additional information on the usage for the 40 Cellular lines? I need add'l info to quote Mons of use/ rate plans. What type of phones are they? Basic or smart?
A: Please work with Kirt Browning ( to formulate the Verizon response. Donít forget to submit your response in a sealed envelope to the District. Note: for details. The District must have a response delivered in writing before the bid opening on November 6.

Q: Please confirm Q/A functionality.
A: Confirmed, note for the RFP.