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Q: I was wondering what free and reduced percentage you are going to file the Santa Cruz application at?
A: Early indications are that the application will be filed at the 84 to 90% level. School locations with less than 75% eligibility may not be included on the application.

Q: Will you accept emailed proposals for web hosting, or do they need to be mailed? Is there a vendor form required?
A: Priority 1 responses may be delivered by E-mail. A vendor form is not required for Priority 1 responses.

Q: Requesting detail on cellular phone service for 60 devices, how many minutes pooled? How many devices require data? Texting? Any hotspots? Thank you.
A: Please provide options on pooled minutes, 300 minimum per device, All may require data and texting. All devices are required to have the ability to connect to the applicant's hotspots. Please provide options.

Q: "MANDATORY JOB WALK" Are you requesting a walk through for the Hosted Interconnected VoIP?
A: No, an Onsite job walks shall not be hosted during the bidding period. Sorry for any confusion.