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Q: Service Provider Instruction Section. Uten 21 information is expected for all proposed service. I believe Item 21 is the Service Provider Evaluation? There is not item number 21 listed> I have refered to the webiste that was given and that did not give me any further information. Just want to confirm what exactly you are looking for in this area? Thank you
A: The item 21 is simply a description of the products and services for which discounts are sought. Additional information is at: Generally, your proposal with detailed pricing to include eligible and ineligible components will suffice.

Q: Concerning the "Contract Termination" section of the RFP: "Termination for Convenience. SCYFS reserves the right to terminate the Contract, in whole or in part at any time, when in the best interests of the Eligible Entity without penalty recourse." Does this give the Eligible Entity the right to terminate a 3yr contract early (say, after 3 months, or 12 months, or 18 months, etc) without any liability for the remainder of the contract?
A: This is Termination for Convenience and its intent is to protect the applicant and give options. Service Provider's legal staff should be able to offer its interpretation of the language contained within the Invitation to Bid in conjunction with any of its required agreements, assuming a Service Provider Agreement is executed alongside the Service Provider's Authorized Response contained within the Invitation to Bid.

Q: Is the winning bidder expected to provide and manage an aggregation device at the "head end" (151 South 84th Street) location? In addition is the winning bidder expected to provide and manage CPE equipment at each of the locations that will connect to the 151 South 84th Street location?
A: All options shall be considered and the applicant shall choose the most cost effective.

Q: How many minutes are needed: How many lines do you need How many need data service Do you need text or picture messages on the devices Do you need the ability to make calls over WiFi networks Do you need signal boosters What devices are you interested in Do you need any mobile broadband / Hotspots
A: Please provide your best option(s) based on the information provided. The applicant shall evaluate the options received and select a winner. If you are not the incumbent, it may be best to provide options on end user devices, especially if existing devices will not work. You may look-up the applicant in USAC's DRT to learn about their current provider. Please make sure to cost allocate ineligible products and services.

Q: Is the RFP requesting 5 independent connections to an ISP or is it requesting 4 connections to a "head end" location, and a single connection to an ISP from that "head end" location? If so, which location would serve as the "head end?"
A: The Internet is part of a bundled solution that terminates at 208230: St Charles Youth and Family School, 151 South 84th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53214.