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A: You have been added to the email distribution list for this opportunity. Thanks for your interest.

Q: Universal Data, Inc. (UDI) intends to respond.
A: Thanks for your interest.

Q: Is the expectation for the provider to manage the LAN and firewall or only provide the equipment?
A: Please provide options for installation. Managed Services (under Category Two) are not sought. Equipment and Basic Maintenance is expected. However, it is expected that all Category One services are maintained by the service provider.

Q: 1.) Clarification on the number of trunks vs users. The RFP requests up to 40, is this 40 users or 40 trunks they are requesting pricing on. 2.) Firewall question: Is the customer requesting any special services web filtering, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, etc . . .
A: 1/26/2018: We hope to provide clarification on the 29th of the month. Update: Please include options for 10 trunks. In addition, you may propose web based services but please clearly cost allocate all ineligible services.

Q: Eatel Corp intends to respond to this 470 for Good Shepard
A: Thanks for your interest.

Q: 1.)Number of existing lines. 2.)Number of POTS lines 3.)Is CAT5/6 cabling available in the building today?
A: 1) Up to 45 extensions 2) At least 5 and up to 8 3) CAT6 should be available in the new building by May

Q: Are you requesting internet to two sites? Or data connection between both?
A: Just Internet at the Annex Location.

Q: Is it possible to quote the Category 2 hardware and equipment only without also quoting the installation?
A: The applicant prefers to have installation included.

Q: Intending to bid. Also have a question on the terminating address for the circuit. Is it going to be going to 353 Baronne St, New Orleans, LA, 70112, USA?
A: The school is requesting new service to at terminate at 1839 Agriculture St New Orleans LA 70119.

Q: the C1 services requested including lit fiber, voip, LD and POTS are for the TGSNS Annex. Is that address 1839 Agriculture St, New Orleans LA? if not, please confirm address where service is required
A: The school is requesting new service to at terminate at 1839 Agriculture St New Orleans LA 70119.