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Q: Is configuration (beyond basic installation) of the Cisco switches required? If so, what configuration and programming is required of the switches? Is any configuration at the IDF locations required (SFP installation, etc)?
A: Please provide options, you may include the SFP installation, etc. If you have two types of installation or more, you may provide options so that the beneficiary may select the option that makes the most sense. If any part of the proposal is not eligible to receive E-rate support, please provide this detail.

Q: Is the sample config on page 22 of the Invitation to Bid accurate?
A: Yes. Please use the sample Bill of Materials as your baseline to provide a response. Similar and equivalent proposals shall be evaluated.

Q: No questions
A: Thanks for your interest. You have been added to the distribution list for Q/A.

Q: Would the School District be interested in hosted VoIP solution that includes local and long distance in its pricing? If so, can you please answer the following questions: *How many total end users do you have for local and long distance? *Do you have a DID/telephone number assigned to each employee or is each employee assigned an extension? *Do you require dedicated internet for the voice services to ride over? If so, please provide the Dmarc address. *What is your current internet bandwidth? *What is your estimated percentage of max utilization? *Is your network VLAN capable? *Are you set up for POE or would you require power supplies for phones? *How many end users do you have that will require a handset? *What make and models are your current phones? *Please list all phone numbers you would like to port.
A: Hosted VoIP may be proposed based on the information in the ITB. Options are acceptable, but the district prefers SIP trunking.

Q: We noticed that the C9300 has CON-SW support where the N9K-C93180 has CON-SNT. Do you require the N9k to have CON-SW or CON-SNT?
A: The sample configurations are meant to provide a basis for engineering a solution. The sample config is not set in stone. Please provide options and cost allocate any ineligible components.

Q: The RFP does not contain any cables or SFP transcievers to provide connectivity to other devices besides between the N9k's. Do you require any additional SFP's or cables to allow for uplinking to other devices or switches?
A: The sample configurations are meant to provide a basis for engineering a solution. The sample config is not set in stone. Please include options (SFPs/cabling/etc.) that allow for uplinking.

Q: You state 50 wireless units in form. Checking what your mix is of Smartphones to basic say flip phones. And if smartphone are they Android, Apple products or mix.
A: All phones are Apple Iphones.

Q: How many SIP trunks are required at each of the 3 sites
A: All SIP trunks will be provisioned across the ATT Internet Circuit that terminates at the high school.

Q: Good Afternoon, I’m a little confused by your RFP request, can you please clarify the following for me: 1. Can you advise if you have a total of 175 users on your current system? 2. There was a mention of “metered lines”, was that for fax, alarms, and elevator services? 3. Would the district entertain a response based on a Hosted, Managed VoIP system?
A: 1) Please provide pricing for up to 175 users. 2) Yes, there are various needs for centrex lines. 3) SIP trunks are preferred.