Question about 470 Application #: 180010259
Thatcher Unified School District #4

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Q: In your RFP you mention cabling but there is not any maps or total amount of cable drops, Will there be any cabling requested on this RFP?
A: Yes, basic cabling. Please note:

Q: Is the Invitation to Bid associated with the 470 Application # 180010259 for Thatcher USC #4 intended to be handled as a formal sealed competitive bidding process under the Arizona State Procurement Code? If so, can service providers attach a form of contract they propose to use?
A: Yes. Service Provider Contracts should be submitted.

Q: Is the District interested in a New Construction Leased WAN? The RFP is written more for the incumbants service renewal in my opinion. Please verify their appetite for special construction so we know how to move forward.
A: The district is looking for the most cost effective solution. It may not make sense for special construction, but that decision shall be made in accordance with program rules when the district grades the proposals received against the evaluation criteria contained within the Invitation to Bid.

Q: I see the term requested is for 12 months with 4 1 year extensions. Will the district allow for 60 & 120 term options in the event that a brand new network would be built for the district?
A: Generally speaking 3 year terms are the longest that are considered. All options shall be reviewed and the most cost effective shall be selected, per the published evaluation criteria.