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Q: Are the wireless phones the only services requested for the St. James location? Are there internet or fiber needs at these locations that I'm not seeing on the the RFP?
A: No. Note pages 15-23.

Q: what is the process to have a site survey completed to understand if any construction fees will be incurred. Is there a date set for vendors to visit the service locations? Please add my company to the vendor list. thanks, DA
A: Site surveys are not being scheduled, please do your best. Thanks for your interest.

Q: Page 15 of 23 states ' It is preferred that new contracts be coterminous with existing contracts, amendments to existing contracts are acceptable. The preferred contract end date is 6/30/2020, regardless of install date.' Will a 3 year term be considered? Or should only 2 year term expiring 6/30/2020 be quoted?
A: Please provide an option to keep service coterminous, a 3 year option may be presented, but the preference is to keep everything coterminous.

Q: no question at this time. please add me to list of vendors receiving Q&A.
A: Thanks for your interest.