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Q: The ITB says taxes need to be included as a seperate item in the offer. Is a specific dollar amount required or is a percentage acceptable? Taxes fluctuate periodically. How do you want us to account for that?
A: Understood. Please do the best you can. Perhaps the cost will be $100 and taxes will be 8% or $8 for a total of $108. Unfortunately, USAC will not allow us (the applicant/consultant) to estimate taxes.

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Q: For Internet Access 470 says min of 10Mb RFP says min of 20Mb As I understand the rules when 470's do not line up with RFP's that the RFP trumps the 470. We will assume if not corrected by either the SD or the consultant through this Q&A process that the bids expected will begin with 20Mbps service level
A: Correct, drop down selection in 470 goes from 10M to 25M to 10M is selected although RFP really requires 20M.