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Q: What is the address for the District's Data Center for the locations to be taken back to?
A: The data center is at the High school.

Q: Can you please provide the locations where existing conduit exists that we would be able to access to deliver services?
A: There is conduit running between RRHS and the DO, Warehouse, and Mt. View. There is conduit between RRHS and SC but the integrity of that conduit is in question. No conduit for any of the other sites.

Q: Post Meeting Notes and Maps.
A: Meeting Notes at: Map at:

Q: Do bidders have to attend the mandatory Job walk and if so, where is the meeting?
A: Yes, it is at 10 AM on January 10th at the District Office.

Q: What is the preferred delivery address for the IA service, the DO or the HS?
A: The High School.