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Q: please add me to any email correspondence for this bid. Thanks Angela
A: Done. Thank-you for your interest.

Q: In Regards to the Cable Section of the RFP: Are there prints available for cable drops? Is there a specification on cable needs? Are there any specification for fiber- mentions ties between buildings- we would like to know how the fiber goes between buildings and where the routes are. Thank You
A: Cost effective options are being sought - please use the information provided. General diagrams are included. If easier, please provide a cost per foot to install Cabling or Fiber.

Q: Is El Puelo Kids exceeding 405watts of power draw from any of their distribution layer switches
A: Unknown, if you prefer, please provide options if 405 watts of power is exceeded. Or if you prefer, provide an option for 405watts, and 740 watts, or whichever anticipated power draw(s) is considered to be a standard deployment from your experience and perspective.

Q: Does El Pueblo Kids prefer a virtual wireless controller or hardware? Are ISSU's on the wireless system important or is downtime acceptable for software upgrades during a maintenance window?
A: All options shall be considered. Evaluations will be made in accordance with the criteria established within the RFP. If downtime is required for maintenance please note it as such in your response. The most cost effective solution shall be selected.

Q: it's a better design to collapse the Aggregation and Access layers for a more efficient switching infrastructure. Does El Pueblo Kids prefer a legacy Trill Architecture with increased latency/hops or are they open to a more efficient next generation network switching design?
A: The network is "small" and TRILL is a little beyond the applicant's needs. "More efficient next generation network switching design" is a matter of opinion...the applicants is simply looking for cost effective options.

Q: Regarding the Access L3 switches, a modular, non-chassis switch solution with HA is an easier and much more cost effective future upgrade than a chassis rip and replace. Is this approach acceptable to El Pueblo Kids?
A: All options shall be considered and graded by the applicant in accordance with the evaluation criteria outlined within the request.

Q: We are a local Denver company and would like to set up for a on site visit. May we come down Friday Feb. 7th to take a tour of the facilities and look at current network? We can come around 10:30 am if that works. Thanks, Kyle
A: Currently the applicant is not hosting onsite meetings as they are incredibly hard to document and then keep all vendors equally informed. Thanks for your interest and please submit a bid with the information available. Questions shall be answered to the best of our ability.