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Q: What is your model or preference for Meraki WAPs and switches? Part numbers, descriptions, etc. would be helpful to get you exactly what fits your environment. Thank you!
A: update on WAPs: MR18s They have 4 Cisco units - only one showed the number 02455. The cables are so tight that the applicant could not pull them out to see what model numbers were on the back. We are trying to get this information from the vendor that installed them.

Q: 1. What are you currently using for wireless? 2. Is this project addressing guest access, BYOD or a 1:1 initiative? 3. Is there a walk through or onsite survey date for us to see the environment? 4. What date and time slots work best for us to setup a demo call?
A: 1) Meraki 2) Project is to increase wireless availability within the school for all needs 3) No 4) Demo calls are not being accepted. If one is accepted all would have to be accepted. Please read the RFP, respond accordingly and the applicant will evaluate all responses based on the published criteria.