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Q: Is the school sales tax exempt?
A: Yes.

Q: Firewall/Content Filter How many total users? What is the internet speed from the ISP?
A: About 150 users and the Internet will probably be 100Mbps.

Q: -How many of the cellular phones will need data/internet? How much data? Do you text messaging as well? -How many minutes do you require for all the phones? -Do you need a content filtering or a mobile device management tool? -What operating system do you require? (Apple, Android, Windows, or Blackberry) -Are you looking for a specific model of smartphone? ( iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy 6) -Do you buy your phones or would you look at leasing options? -Will you need a test device to use to make a final decision on what carrier you chose?
A: Note the answers below to the questions above. They will all need data and internet and text. At least 1000 minutes each. No on the content filtering, etc. Operating system does not matter. They all have phones (through Sprint, I believe) and we would look to use those. See above. We will not require a test device.

Q: 1 - Does customer have a preference of jacks on both ends or RJ45 to punch down patch for the AP cable runs? 2 - Are you augmenting your current environment or is this a complete replacement? 3 - Network Switching: What does your current environment look like? Manufacture, etc.
A: 1) Preference is for a patch panel installation. 2) This is a new environment. 3) Please note the ITB and respond accordingly with respect to preferences, if any.

Q: Hello, Will the school be accepting technology demos? What are is currently being used for WLAN harware (switches, WAPS)? Thank you, Nick
A: No. Responses to the ITB shall not require demonstrations. Responses requiring demonstrations for evaluation may not be considered. There is no preference on the WLAN hardware, although the applicant is familiar with Meraki equipment and likes the interface, but it really doesn't matter to the applicant.

Q: A network closet or data center is not clearly defined in the schematics provided. Can you please indicate exactly where the demarcation point and network closet will be located? Floor number and location, please.
A: On ER2.1, the closet in room 1.104 is the switch closet. The line coming from it is labelled 11. Note 11 explains a bit. It will go to the main service area in the basement below room 2.102 (reading and media center). ER2.0 shows the wiring in the basement.

Q: Who is the site contact for a site survey at the Middle School.
A: Update on 4/26: Please note: It is our understanding that site surveys are not possible as the applicant does not have access to the building. We are working to supply a drawing.