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Q: Request a two business day extension for delivery of response to ITB. New proposed due date 2/25/2016 @ 2:00PM AST.. Additional time is required for complexity of total project and provide a accurate response.
A: As of 12:40 local standard time on 4/21/2016 no response had been received. As such an extension is granted until April 26th at 5PM local standard time. Please make sure to submit the updated Service Provider Authorization Form.

Q: Per the ITB we are to include form 21. I have some question about the form and how it relates to the ITB.
A: The item 21 can take any form...there is no mandate on how the item 21 is submitted. It can be an invoice, a quote, or any document that outlines pricing.

Q: When we talked last the fiber: LC or SC connectors ?? Single Mode or MM 50micron ??
A: LC to SC or SC to SC for patch cables works. Multimode, 10 GBs compatible

Q: Please provide meeting notes.
A: Meeting Notes: 1) Introductions were made between contractors and facility staff present. 2) An overview of the technology currently in place and the technology wishing to be added was provided. Scope of project as defined by paperwork provided to contractors from ADS was reviewed. 3) Bid process was explained and reviewed with the contractors. 4) Schedule concerning the close of ITB and project start date was reviewed. 5) Contractors were provided a line drawing of the 1st & 2nd floor of the facility structure (note: Drawing indicated potential cable pathways, potential firewalls and locations of relevant equipment. Each of the Com Closets were visited and reviewed as well as potential cable pathways. Contractors were asked to separate E-Rate qualifying items from Non-E-Rate items in their proposals such as (12) strand fiber, (4) strands for E-Rate, (8) strands Non-E-Rate. It was noted that a specific brand of fiber and termination method had not been specified and one vendor stated their preference was Corning and that is typically more expensive. It was asked if other proposals had been received specifying cheaper solutions. The response that was given did not answer the question about receipt of other bids and encouraged the vendor to generate a bid using the materials in which their crew is trained, certified and able to support. Contract term preference was asked, and the response was to request a (1) year term and a (3) year term for comparison. If clarifications by attendees or non-attendees are necessary, please ask.

Q: When is scheduled walk thru?
A: ACS has agreed to host a walk thru to answer questions on April 5th at 9AM. Note the attached agenda: Please disregard the original message below in quotes "At this point in time a job walk has not been scheduled. I'll check to see if the applicant would like to schedule a job walk, or ask the vendor community to respond with the information provided. If you have questions please ask."

Q: Reviewing
A: We appreciate your interest.