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Q: Your rfp states that the system must be the same as the current one. What is the model or brand so that we can accurately quote the right product.
A: HP switches are currently deployed and the current WAPs are the Intellinet Wireless 300N. Options are being sought to augment the existing equipment and/or upgrade it if cost effective - the criteria in the ITB will be used to grade responses. It would be nice if device password management could managed from a central location. Thanks for your interest.

Q: The RFP requires proof of interoperability with the existing infrastructure. Can you please elaborate on what Turning Point has installed for 1) structured cabling and 2) network equipment so that we may respond accordingly?
A: The network infrastructure is the same for all Turning Points Physical sites. From the outside the MDF (Main Data Frame) closet are Cable and T1 telephony wires that go into Router/Firewall/Modem equipment, then to a Main 10/100 Ethernet Switch and further distributed through IDFs (Intermediate Data Frame) in a logical and physical star network throughout the buildings. We utilize some (home run) 10/100 Ethernet connections back to the MDFs but for the most part utilize a star topology for convenience of hooking up users to the LAN (local area network). Wireless Access Points (WAPs) are simply added in key locations to provide Wifi access across the internal network. All internal infrastructure wiring is CAT5 10/100 (IEEE802.3) Ethernet with 10/100 switching devices, with the exception of Comcast Cabling that comes in from the street. We also utilize an external WAN service provided by a Broadband Company which connects all our sites using a VPN Mesh over two T1s per site.