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Q: 1. Will the District accept a proposal under a GWAC (Government Wide Area Contract) along with the pre-negotiated terms and conditions associated with that particular contract? This would offer the best value to the District. 2. The Item 21 form on page 22 of the RFP appears to relate only to Priority 2 services. The USAC website states that an offeror’s quotation is an acceptable format for an Item 21. If an offeror is proposing Priority 1 services, would the District accept a quotation in place of the form?
A: Yes on the contract. I am not 100% sure what you are asking, but I can tell you that the applicant will evaluate all proposals fairly and grade according to the evaluation matrix provided.Yes. Your quote is fine - the form is provided as an example.

Q: is there a physical address that the sealed RFP resonse can be delivered to versus the PO Box? For instance VIA FED EX as they do not deliver to PO BOX.
A: 12 Twin Buttes Drive, Zuni, NM 87327 will work. In addition, offers must be delivered to the email address after the 2PM deadline on 03/07/2014 and before 6PM CST the following day. There shall be no difference between the sealed documents and documents delivered by email. The documentation delivered in a sealed envelope shall be considered for proposal evaluation.

Q: Are Site Drawing available for estimating installation of Wireles Access Points?
A: Unfortunately, not at this time. Please provide options as required.

Q: Under Scope of Work - Priority 2 Internal Connections -Equipment, it appears the School is looking to upgrade and expand an existing Cisco IP Telephony System. Would Zuni Public Schools be willing to entertain a proposal for a Priority-1 Hosted VOIP Solution to replace the existing Cisco VOIP System?
A: Hosted VoIP is not being sought at via this request - it may be sought under a separate Form 470.

Q: 1) Digital transmission- Point to point? Is this channelized? or open flat network? 2) Can you put location(school name) next to the line on RFP for Digital Transmission and internet access 3)Need IDF to MDF ( from where to where) and roof type 4) Will the sites accessible 24/7?
A: I am not really sure what you are asking. The applicant prefers a wireline DTS WAN for all sites listed in block 4, and in the RFP - but all options will be considered. Sites are generally not accessible 24/7.