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Q: regarding the answer that the MPLS goes to the ACS medical Network. Do they want bandwidth to that location? if so what is that address? or do they want connectivity to a similar style medical network?
A: Connectivity to a similar style medical network.

Q: What address does the MPLS circuit connect to other than the 250 Hospital Pl HCP location? What is the MPLS used for?
A: My understanding is that the CKT is used to connect into the ACS Medical Network / Cloud that in turn provides connectivity to other organizations and content.

Q: When does your current contract expire? What services are you accepting bids for? How much bandwidth are you currently using and what speeds do you want included in the proposal? Are you entertaining in person presentations? If so when, and can we have the last time slot?
A: The answers to the questions above (submitted via email) can be found at: Please let us know if you have additional question.